Domani. 9 febbraio, inaugura Cinque Mostre 2016 presso l’American Academy di Roma, curatela di Ilaria Gianni.
Questo il mio contributo per l’esposizione “The Picture Club”.

Cinque Mostre 2016 – Across the Board: Parts of a Whole

Across the Board: Parts of a Whole is an itinerant and performative exhibition articulated in several areas of the McKim, Mead & White Building at the American Academy in Rome and beyond, crossing multiple disciplines and fields: a game with no fixed rules that intends to address the idea of the fragment as the starting point of a story rather than its conclusion.

Incorporating works by artists, scholarly research, architectural studies, musical compositions, literary texts – the exhibition provides a setting for an evolving narrative moving physically and allegorically through various sites. These different locations disclose a cosmos of tales investigating marginality, authenticity, language, fragmentation, translation and transformation. Elaborating on historical facts, objects, landscapes, political representation, fictions and the construction of signs and symbols, the individual parts contribute to the development of a complex and multiform system questioning the potential of abstraction and its impact on reality.

One of the stations of the exhibition, the Academy Bar hosts The Picture Club, featuring work by artists and authors from different fields called to reflect on the nature of portraiture as a form of subjective representation. Integrated into the pre-existing portrait gallery that gives the bar its unique flavor, the installation reconfigures one of the Academy’s most important venues for the exchange of ideas.